18 July 2022

Kettlebells training – activity for everyone?


Training with kettlebells is a definitely a type of strength workout. This may deter some people from embarking on the adventure. Are they right?

People usually find the techniques too difficult to master or not safe enough. Following this, it will be a good activity only for adults and fit people. Is it really so? Can’t teenagers and older people train with kettlebells?

Natural movement
Training with kettlebells naturally uses the work of our body. When we learn the basic techniques and how to work with the weights safely, we will notice with time that our body, thanks to kettlebells, performs movements more freely.

Mastering such exercises as, goblet squat, deadlift, swing, and press using the kettlebell is much easier than, for example, using a barbell. This is a huge advantage, because it can provide the base necessary to build before switching to barbell work. On the other hand, it can serve as a complementary tool and further shape the movement patterns we care about.

Natural breathing
Undoubtedly, we should master proper breathing before we switch to working with any external weight. During kettlebells training, and especially when performing such ballistic exercises as swing, clean, snatch, we may notice that breathing becomes even more natural and obvious to us. During just these types of exercises, where tension and relaxation alternate, breathing becomes an integral piece of the puzzle to perform the exercise as efficiently as possible. This is so much important because the ability to work on the breath is crucial for everyone. No matter what you do in life. Proper breathing will enhance everyone’s quality of life.

Does the age matter?
One might wonder if there is an age frame in which one people can train with weights. Well, it all comes down to what purpose we want to use the work on weights for, and how qualitative our workouts are.

Training with weights is becoming increasingly popular with young people. Often children as young as 8-10 years old start training with weights, and even compete in competitions! How should training for the youngest be prepared?

Well, the key here will be to perform the exercises as technically as it’s possible. This is an ideal time to teach a young person to move correctly. It is important for youngsters to learn what a proper squat, hip hinge, overhead press, strong and stable core and shoulder girdle means. In training this group, let’s mainly focus on versatility and control, and the development of motor skills such as – strength, flexibility, aerobic endurance.

So what about older people? Should they train with weights at all? Of course yes!

Studies prove that regular weight training prevents osteoporosis and muscle fragility. Besides, staying active even in an old age still draws great benefits for mental health. Training with kettlebells should focus primarily around the trainee’s capabilities. The most important thing will be the control and perfection of movements, in the ranges in which a person is able to train painlessly. In this case, we focus on regularity and, as always, technical quality.

Kettlebells are for everyone
As you may have noticed, everyone can benefit from kettlebells training. It is a very powerful tool that we can target according to our needs. The most important thing is that we master the exercise techniques, so that we take advantage of our body’s capabilities. This is a process that may take some time. However, isn’t that exactly why we train? We want to feel vital and strong, regardless of our age or priorities.