9 January 2023

JS Playlist #7: “Lyrics are important!” by Mateusz Babiak


He loves to break his own boundaries. He says it makes him a better version of himself, so as a coach he can help others grow. What kind of music motivates our CCO & Co-Founder Mateusz Babiak and helps him break his own kettlebell records? Let’s dig deeper into his Jetsnatch playlist!

CKB Top Team Instructor, personal trainer, kettlebell enthusiast and specialist, Jetsnatch Co-Founder- Mateusz Babiak. You know him well from our social media channels, where he shares with you his knowledge of kb training, technique, and workout programming. Today he shares with you his musical inspirations!

BTW: What is Jetsnatch Playlist?

It’s a list of songs chosen by our friends and heroes that inspire and drive us to be better. Every month, we will try to introduce you to another list prepared by another member of the Jetsnatch family. It’s going to be interesting, varied and certainly very entertaining!


Mateusz Babiak: 09.01.2023 r.

Does and if so, how does music help you with your workout?
In general, I am very focused during my training, whether with or without music. However, I have to admit that good playlist takes my workouts to the next level. It allows me to release the rest of my energy or motivate myself for the hardest sets.

What music genre do you prefer for your train-day?
It has always been hip hop, but other genres such as country, or rock also happen.  What really matters to me is not just the sound or the beat, but often the lyrics. If certain verses are important to me and I find motivation in them, they will land on my workout playlist.

Are there songs that you play to yourself during your workout that no one knows about?
Irena Santor – Już nie ma dzikich plaż?

What’s THE SONG for the last set?
Ed Bruce – When I Die, Just Let Me Go to Texas

Tell us more about your Jetsnatch Workout Playlist.

Well balanced – hip hop and country music – perfectly fitted for me.