4 November 2022

JS Playlist #5: “Music is a kind of therapy for a head” by Agata Kasak

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You know her very well from our social media channels. She inspires you, motivates you and introduces you to the world of kettlebell training. Now she’s going to tell us what kind of music drives her during her workouts. Jetsnatch introduces playlist from Agata Kasak!

Agata has been with us since the beginning of Jetsnatch, and soon she will accompany you in your daily workouts as well. All thanks to our app?. We invited her to join us not only because we admire her kettlebell technique and training capabilities, but also because she is an example of perseverance, consistency and love for this discipline.

What kind of music inspires Agata? We had to ask her!

BTW: What is Jetsnatch Playlist?

It’s a list of songs chosen by our friends and heroes that inspire and drive us to be better. Every month, we will try to introduce you to another list prepared by another member of the Jetsnatch family. It’s going to be interesting, varied and certainly very entertaining!


Agata Kasak: 04.11.2022 r.

Does and if so, how does music help you with your workout?
Music allows me to tune in for a strong workout and collect my thoughts. Sometimes it also allows me to unload my emotions during training, if I’m going up against my records, it allows me to focus on what I’m doing and give it my all. This combination is a kind of therapy for my head.

What music genre do you prefer for your train-day?
A lot depends on what kind of training I have planned for the day, and my attitude. Mostly, however, it is rap, old school hip hop and rock n roll.

Are there songs that you play to yourself during your workout that no one knows about?
Harry Belafonte – Jump in the Line
Harry Belafonte – Banana Boat

What’s THE SONG for the last set?
Birds of Mind – E’na Pasione

Tell us more about your Jetsnatch Workout Playlist.

On a daily basis I listen to everything. I do not limit myself when it comes to music, the only thing I will never like is disco polo. So on my playlist you won’t find this type of songs .

However, when I train, it’s usually specific songs, a mix of hip hop tunes to rock tracks that can motivate me and give me a kick in training.