6 September 2022

JS Playlist #3: The songs that will
make you wanna juggle
by Mateusz Paul


He is a CKB Top Team Member, Strenght Training Specialist, Strongfirst Beast Tamer (unofficial) and.. mind-blowing kettlebell juggler. Music allows him to catch the flow and inspires him to perform truly amazing juggling combinations. Meet Gymtleman.fit.

We love working with and being inspired by passionate people, especially those with whom we share a similar training philosophy. And, of course- a love of kettlebells. So we are very pleased that the latest playlist was prepared by someone, whose juggling flows we have admired from a long time. What kind of music inspires Mateusz from Gymtleman.fit? We had to ask him!

BTW: What is Jetsnatch Playlist?
It’s a list of songs chosen by our friends and heroes that inspire and drive us to be better. Every month, we will try to introduce you to another list prepared by another member of the Jetsnatch family. It’s going to be interesting, varied and certainly very entertaining!


Mateusz Paul: 06.08.2022 r.

Does and if so, how does music help you with your workout?
Most of my strength days I prefer to work in silence but when it comes to juggling or boxing I love to play it loud – it helps me getting the nice rythm or coming up with the flow.

What music genre do you prefer for your train-day?
All depends on mood. Everything from juicy bluesy delta missisipi, through noizzy electronic stuff, finishing on good old trash-metal stuff:) I really enjoy classic 80’ action-movie soundtracks too.

Are there songs that you play to yourself during your workout that no one knows about?
„Zasady Gry – Tadeusz Nalepa” 😉

What’s THE SONG for the last set?
Honestly – I focus more on surviving than choosing the song 😀

Tell us more about your Jetsnatch Workout Playlist.
To quote the classic: “It’s all about the vibration” 😉