29 July 2022

JS Playlist #2: Where to get energy for sports activities?
Music inspirations by Nikola Stec


She trains crossfit, works out with kettlebells, stands on her head… and can even do push-ups while standing on her hands! Who is that?

Sound impressive, right? That’s not all! After these workouts, she also happens to practice high heels dancing. Now you understand that we had to ask her what kind of music motivates her. And now we know that she thinks listening to music extremely important! Get to know Nikola, one of our ambassadors ->

BTW: What is Jetsnatch Playlist?
It’s a list of songs chosen by our friends and heroes that inspire and drive us to be better. Every month, we will try to introduce you to another list prepared by another member of the Jetsnatch family. It’s going to be interesting, varied and certainly very entertaining!


Nikola Stec: 29.07.2022 r.

Does and if so, how does music help you with your workout?
Music helps me to focus on workout and even… helps me to survive! In the hardest moments I just stop thinking about pain and tiredness, I only listen to favorite songs and keep pushing! 💪

What music genre do you prefer for your train-day?
I have sooo differential music taste, that I start my workout with r&b, by house, ending on rock&roll. It often depends on my current mood and what I’m currently practicing.

Are there songs that you play to yourself during your workout that no one knows about?
For example:
Mikromusic – „Tak mi się nie chce.”
Ewa Farna – „Dmuchawce, latawce, wiatr…” 😬

What’s THE SONG for the last set?
Sweet child o’ mine / Paradise city or DON’T STOP ME NOW – Queen.

Tell us more about your Jetsnatch Workout Playlist.
A mix of songs from Tomorrowland, r&b and rock and roll. The old school black hip hop will also happen. Despite the fact that it is my guilty pleasure, Polish songs will not appear on it. I don’t like Polish music… Oh, maybe in the car, but never in the gym! Here you will find only my real favourites!🤘🏼